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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

#NewRelease WATER'S MARK by Rachel Slate #ZodiacShifters #Cancer #PNR

Zodiac Shifters

A collection of books with an astrological spin on love. From Aries to Virgo… discover all-new tales of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

Zodiac Shifters features New York Times, USA Today, and other bestselling authors. Each month expect new releases based upon the twelve astrology signs.

Cancer - Attentive, Possessive, Caring

Water's Mark by Rachael Slate

She’s as fluid as water
Cyane of the Pegaeae, spring nymphs, can cure any disease. Imprisoned for her powers not once, but twice, she’s determined to return to her people. But that means escaping her second captor, the formidable Lord of a race of crab shifters, who has no intention of letting her go. Not until she’s healed every last one of his people—a task which will drain the last drops of her powers.

He’s as rigid as stone

Theron, leader of the Karkinos, has vowed to save his people from a brutal disease, no matter the cost. So when a scintillating nymph with the power to heal them all falls into his lap, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her within his grasp—and far from his heart. Betrayed by those closest to him, Theron’s hardened his shell so much, no one can penetrate his armor. Not even Cyane, though that doesn’t stop her from demanding the one thing he’s sworn he’ll never give to anyone again—his trust.

Only she can crack through his shell
Unquenchable passions crash them into each other, binding their destinies, and their hearts. If they can stand together and fight the darkness claiming him from the inside out, they might find a way to save not only his people, but hers as well.

Release date: June 27th 2017


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Theron’s seductive taunt rippled through Cyane, making her entire body tingle with awareness of how strong her yearning had grown.

Not just for this moment of lovemaking. For Theron by her side. She longed to face the world and every impossibility with him.

In time, they might do just that.

She raised her fingers to caress his cheek, enjoying the breathtaking view of him, grunting and groaning as he pleasured her body and took his pleasure from hers.

For the first time, she didn’t hate her brothers for keeping this part of her nature from her. To experience this moment with Theron was right.

To be with him was right.

She’d never permit anyone to convince her it was anything else.

Suddenly, he spun her in his arms, lifting her leg this way and spinning her body that, until she was on her stomach, breathless and his heavy rigidness pulsing in the heat between her thighs. Theron’s brawny arms planted on either side of her head, those decadent muscles flexing with strength and masculinity, calling to the innermost parts of her nymph nature.

He shoved forward along the length of her body, his shaft thrusting inside her, deeper and harder, more demanding than before.

As though he could sear his mark upon her.

And make her his.

She arched her hips, matching his strokes, submitting to his branding and meeting it with hers. Searching within, she concentrated on her powers, and on the fierce passion rolling off him.

Ughn, sweet…nymph,” he ground, the words rasping from within his chest. “Feel what you do to me.” Theron rammed his thickness inside her, consuming her. He couldn’t possibly grow any harder or longer, and his heavy weight inside her stirred her release.

She bucked against him, sliding along his erection, until the peak of her hunger wouldn’t be denied. Crying out, she muffled her face in the pillow, fingers clawing at the sheets.

His hands braced on her bottom, he pumped inside her, a sensual rocking that prolonged her ecstasy, until he joined her in bliss, roaring while white heat poured into her.

The sensation of his seed slick between her thighs and the scent of their lovemaking raw in the air swept her into a dizzying whirlwind of desire. As though, once awakened, her nymph instincts tore through her, demanding their utter satiation.

“I can’t get enough of you, Theron,” she panted, squeezing her thighs together and moaning in delight at the hardness pressing between them.

“Isn’t it clear, neither can I,” he droned, settling atop her and pressing a light kiss to her shoulder. Sighing, he rolled to his side, towing her alongside with him, so her back fit perfectly against his chest, and they curled together on their sides. His large, warm hands roamed across her body, caressing, exploring, possessing.

Slowly, as though every moment in the world belonged to them, he claimed her body again, and tightened his hold on her heart.

They tangled their bodies together, entwining their destinies. A lightness enveloped her, steeling her resolve, as though she could face any disease and come out victorious.

With Theron by her side, she just might.

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Rachael Slate resides on the West Coast of Canada with her husband, two children, cat, and dog. Plus hummingbirds, songbirds, mason bees, and the occasional butterfly in her garden. When not writing, she's probably thinking about food (cooking, baking, or watching cooking shows). She also adores the outdoors--running, hiking, canoeing, camping, swimming, etc--so that helps to offset her culinary obsession!

Rachael writes sizzling stories that blend the lines between mythology, reality, and fantasy. In her worlds, you'll encounter strong, sexy alpha males and the fierce, capable heroines who challenge them. And always, scorching hot romance.

Connect with Rachael:

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Hunger Moon is available now in Audio #PNR #NewRelease #HotMoonRising

A Charming Mask
Troy Lansing, envoy to the Brighton Pack has one mission – to find out everything he can about the new wolf pack living near his father’s territory. He offers the hand of friendship to the Moonlight pack, there’s just one problem. His father isn’t in the business of making friends.

A Stranger with Secrets
Belinda Thomas, omega to the Moonlight Pack is tasked by her alpha to find out the truth behind Troy’s façade. Her omega abilities give her a unique insight into the hearts of other wolves. When she comes face to face with the enigmatic Troy, she doesn’t know what to make of him. Her wolf knows though.

A Forbidden Passion
Bound by secrets, duty and honor, Troy and Bel are drawn to each other, moths to the destructive flames of their passion. They will risk it all for the hunger driving them both.

A Desperate Fight
Can Troy and Bel find a way to save the Moonlight pack from the evil clutches of the Brighton alpha? The final fight for freedom might cost them more than their love; they might have to pay the ultimate price.

Buy Now:

Click here for a sample: decadent-publishing-audio/ hunger-moon-by-merryn-dexter- audiobook-sample

This title is also available as an e-book

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Wood creaked to his left, and Troy stilled, lowering his feet down from the porch railing. The heavy shadow of the overhang would conceal his presence. Rand had made a point of telling him he shared the home to the right with his mate but hadn’t mentioned the occupant of the cottage on the opposite side. A pale reflection caught his eye, moonlight shining on light hair. The slender figure moving toward the woods paused and glanced in his direction. Bel.

He was out of his chair before realizing he’d moved; the thick railing around the porch was all that prevented him from striding across the open space toward her. Rain pattered against his skin, mixing with the sheen of sweat coating his chest. If she had turned away, kept moving without acknowledging him, he might not have acted. But he’d never know. Instead, she raised a hand to her throat, drawing his eye to the delicate line of her arm, the expanse of bare skin above the low neckline of her simple dress.

Bending his knees, Troy leaped onto the railing, balancing on his toes in a crouch. She turned her head, glanced toward the woods then back in his direction. The last vestiges of the mask of civility he wore slipped away, and he bared his teeth in a feral grin. Do it, he urged silently.

As though she heard his voiceless plea, Bel spun on her heel and made a break for the trees. Growling low in his throat, he sprang from the railing, hitting the ground at full speed. The clouds overhead burst open, turning the gentle patter of rain into a raging torrent, soaking him to the skin in moments. His feet slipped and slid in the long grass underfoot, but he didn’t slow his pace. Diving between a pair of thick trunks, he ducked beneath long curtains of Spanish moss and passed instantly into full darkness. The tangled canopy overhead masked the worst of the rain. Twigs snapped, warning her of his approach, marking her own desperate flight through the woods. Her scent hung thick in the humid air, a blanket of sunshine and sweetbriar.

A twisted root caught his ankle, sending him sprawling forward. Tucking his shoulder, he rolled with the motion, gaining his footing moments later at the base of a small incline. He stood in the bottom of a natural hollow, a clearing in the trees. Bel was less than twenty feet away, clutching the skirt of her dress high as she scrambled up the other side of the hollow.

“Stop,” he growled, forcing every ounce of command he possessed into the word.

She froze, one foot on the crest of the slope. He stalked across the clearing, watching her shoulders heave as she tried to catch her breath. He knew how she felt. Between the thick summer air and the lust coursing through his veins, he might never breathe normally again. The muscles in her calf twitched where her toes braced for purchase on the incline. He’d never spent much time considering the graceful shape of the back of a woman’s leg before. The curve of muscle narrowing to taper into the rigidity of an Achilles tendon, the pregnant swell of a smooth heel, the arch of her elegant instep.

Pausing at the base of the slight hill, he reached for her leg, traced the lean muscle of her calf. He slid his hand higher, watching it disappear beneath the damp hem of her dress. A soft gasp escaped her lips. Bending his head, he nibbled along the defined edge of her calf muscle, burying his lips into the dimple at the back of her knee.

“Troy!” His name on her lips sounded both a blessing and a curse.

About the Author

Merryn Dexter is a military spouse who, after a varied employment career (from selling sandals to old ladies with bunions to being a health and safety coordinator for a construction company), is thrilled to be pursuing her dream career as a romance writer. She likes The Winchesters, Spike, Hotch, Loki and watching complicated European Noir. Her hobbies include crying at books, crying at movies, crying at tv serials (there’s a theme!) and believes all stories should have a Happy Ending.

Connect with Merryn:

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

#NewRelease SCORCHED EMBER by Julia Mills #ZodiacShifters #PNR #Dragons

Zodiac Shifters

A collection of books with an astrological spin on love. From Aries to Virgo… discover all-new tales of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

Zodiac Shifters features New York Times, USA Today, and other bestselling authors. Each month expect new releases based upon the twelve astrology signs.

Taurus- Ambitious, Honourable, Devoted

Scorched Ember by Julia Mills

The Guardians of the Zodiac are back, along with the Dragon Guard of the Sea. These mighty dragons, presumed dead for centuries, arise from watery exile to save mankind and reunite their clans.

The world is in danger…

The fabric of the Universe is unraveling…

Magic has been corrupted, tainted, polluted by a malicious force with designs on world domination…

White witches are turning to the dark arts, while the malevolent practitioners are trying to conjure Hell on Earth.

Armed with the pure Earthen magic of her mother and the throwing stars given to her by Astraea, the Star Maiden—Goddess of Innocence and Purity—Roxane, Guardian of Taurus, has answered Poseidon’s call. Crossing the Crystal Gateway and infiltrating a coven of Elemental Witches devoted to destroying the forces of evil was easy…then she met Ladon and the piece of her soul she’d thought lost to the Fates was suddenly within her grasp. But he’s a distraction she doesn’t need. Worse than that, he’s hiding something…and secrets are just as good as a knife to the back in a war where nothing is as it seems.

Hiding in plain sight, Ladon has gotten very good at playing human. He’s spent nearly two centuries protecting not only the pure white magic entrusted to him by the Elders of his clan, but also his dragon, the last of the Fire Water Clan…then came Roxane. She calls to not only the man, but also his beast. Their attraction is immediate, soul-deep, and life-changing.

She’s unlike anyone he’s ever known – beautiful, powerful…dangerous in ways he has yet to discover. There is no denying the pull she has on him, no getting away from the call of Fate that Ladon had lost all those decades ago. But Roxane has secrets, and in a world gone mad…secrets can be deadly.

With the fate of the world resting squarely on their shoulders, can this Guardian and her dragon save mankind and find their happily ever after?

Not even the gods know what will happen next…

The answer is written in the stars…

Release date: June 13th 2017



Throwing caution to the wind, the demi-goddess made her way to the end of the pier and breathed a sigh of relief as the Dragon looked up and smiled. “Mind if I have a seat?” She asked, surprised to find her voice a little breathy and even lower than usual.

Patting the spot next to him, Ladon nodded, “Please. Join me.”

No sooner had Roxane taken her seat than the Prince removed his leather jacket and placed it over her shoulders. “It’s pretty chilly out here tonight. I’d hate for you to catch a cold while trying to save the world.”

Floating on a cloud of Ladon’s warm, fiery scent, Roxane slowly turned her head to thank him for his thoughtfulness and explain that she was immune from sickness, only to find his lips upon hers. Gone was the calm, soft-spoken Prince, replaced by a demanding, Alpha male, who wanted the demi-goddess as much as she wanted him.

Helpless but to go where he led, Roxane gasped as Ladon’s tongue teased along the seam of her lips before sliding along hers as she completely opened to him. Unable to think, only feel, the demi-goddess moaned low in her throat as from one heartbeat to the next, she went from sitting on the dock to straddling the Prince’s muscular thighs.

He dominated her mouth like he was claiming her heart, kissing her until their desire was a roaring fire, encompassing all she’d ever known. His fingers dug into her hips as he pulled her to him, pushing his denim-covered erection against her aroused clit, making flashes of light burst behind her closed eyelids like fireworks in the night sky.

Arousal thickened in her blood, growing by leaps and bounds with each swipe of his tongue. Roxane whimpered at his bold moves as he delved into her, fanning the flames of desire with his drugging moves and fiery passion.

Her panties were soaked as he continued to rock his hips between her legs, teasing her clit with his with the tip of his cock, making it throb with the overwhelming need to come. Shoving her hands into his hair, Roxane scratched his scalp in her bid to hold Ladon to her, to deepen their connection, to be one with the only man who’d ever completed her – body, mind and soul.

Lost to their passion, the Guardian gasped as she tore her lips from her Prince’s, moaning his name as his hand slipped between their bodies, under the waistband of her jeans and teased the curls at the top of her mound. Rolling her hips, trying to force his nimble fingers where she needed them most, Roxane cried out when Ladon simultaneously slid two fingers into her grasping pussy as his thumb pressed against the tip of her throbbing clit.

“Open your eyes, Roxane,” Ladon commanded, his harsh, demanding tone only excited both woman and beasts more.

Snapping her gaze to his, fighting to keep her eyes open, the demi-goddess watched as the gold flecks normally sparkling in the depths of his hypnotically hazel eyes swirled and caught fire at the precise moment that he bent the tips of his fingers buried deep within her and teased the incredibly sensitive bundle of nerves at the top of her channel. Tightening the hold she had on his hair as she rode his fingers, Roxane struggled to breathe as Ladon pushed her towards her climax with wild abandon.

Slamming his lips to hers, the Prince took her clit between his thumb and forefinger and while mimicking the in and out motion of his fingers in her pussy with his tongue in her mouth, squeezed her throbbing nub until Roxane was screaming her release into his mouth. Over and over she came, opening not only her body but also her mind completely to the Water Dragon as he wrung every last orgasm from her body.

Slowing his motion and softening his kiss, Ladon gently pulled his fingers from her still quivering pussy before ending their kiss and letting Roxane collapse against his chest. The demi-goddess listened to his pounding heart as she lay boneless and completely spent, but still enjoying the tender way he ran his fingers through her hair.

Arching her back, Roxane inhaled sharply as the tip of Ladon’s fully erect cock bumped the inside of her thigh. Sitting up, she gave her Water Dragon a sly smile as she reached between their bodies just as he had, rubbing his erection through the soft, worn denim of his jeans.

Fire once again danced in his eyes as Ladon growled, “Oh my Gods, Roxane. Don’t ever stop.”

Happy to return the favor, reveling in the feelings growing between them, the bond she felt connecting them as only True Mates can be connected, Roxane purred, “Your wish is…” A second before a very familiar voice interrupted with a chuckled, “And I thought Dad sent you here to save the world, not for a booty call with a Prince.”

Pulling her hand from Ladon’s lap, the Guardian of Taurus let her forehead fall to his chest and groaned, “Gods be damned. My sister has the worst timing.”        

About the Author

Hey Y’all! I’m Julia Mills the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Dragon Guard Series. I without a doubt admit to being a sarcastic, southern woman who would rather spend all day laughing than a minute crying. Living with my two most amazing daughters and a menagerie of animals, keeps me busy but I love telling a good story. Now, that I’ve decided to write the stories running through my brain, life is just a blast!

My beliefs are simple. A good book along with shoes, makeup, and purses will never let a girl down and no hero ever written will compare to my real-life hero, my dad! I’m a sucker for a happy ending and alpha men make me swoon.

I’m still working on my story but I promise it will contain as much love and laughter as I can pack into it! Now, go out there and create your own story!!! Dare to Dream! Have the Strength to Try EVERYTHING! Never Look Back!

I ABSOLUTELY adore stalkers so look me up on Facebook and sign up for my newsletter at Send me a message!

Thank you for reading my stories!!!

XOXO Julia

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Monday, 5 June 2017

#NewRelease THE DRAGON, THE WITCH, and THE WEDDING by Amy Lee Burgess

Zodiac Shifters

A collection of books with an astrological spin on love. From Aries to Virgo… discover all-new tales of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

Zodiac Shifters features New York Times, USA Today, and other bestselling authors. Each month expect new releases based upon the twelve astrology signs.

Taurus- Ambitious, Honourable, Devoted

The Dragon, the Witch, and the Wedding by Amy Lee Burgess

Tauria dragons possess short tempers, and their ability to hold a grudge is legendary. Tauria witches are as stubborn as they are proud. Their decades-long feud has angered the king who decrees that one witch must marry one dragon and live with him on Zodiac Mountain. Together, they must repair the broken relationship between coven and clan.

Unlike the other witches, Marley has always been able to see the dragons’ side as well as the witches’. She volunteers to be the dragon’s bride believing she can bring peace by persuading everyone to meet in the middle.

Donovan is a typical dragon – arrogant, short of temper, and gorgeous as hell. He is fiercely loyal to his clan, and his idea of peace is for the witches to admit they are totally in the wrong.

Marriage becomes a tense battleground. Neither witch nor dragon is willing to give an inch. Their weapon of choice – fiery passion that threatens to engulf them body and soul.

Release date: June 5th 2017

AMAZON   AMAZON UK   AMAZON CA   AMAZON AU             iBooks       B&N/Nook      KOBO

Excerpt 1 - PG (Please choose one and delete the other)

The crowd around the musicians parted to allow us onto the dance floor. I was aware only of Donovan’s hand in mine, and the way his smile seemed to transport me to a different world – one where we weren’t on opposite sides of a decades-long feud.

Once in the center of the dance floor, Donovan released my hand and gave me a slight bow. I curtseyed in response, and taking me in his arms, he swept me into the dance.

“I see you know the steps.” I tried not to gasp as he whirled us faster and faster.

“Just see if you can keep up.” The challenge in his smile made me laugh.

“Keep up? You call this fast?” I asked. The touch of his hand on my back produced a strange shiver down my spine.

“No,” he said. He tightened his fingers around mine. “This is fast.”

Cheers and whoops erupted from the crowed watching us as Donovan danced us in breathtaking circles, never missing a step. To my credit, I never missed a beat either.

My skirts flared around my legs. Beneath my fingers, Donovan’s shoulder muscles shifted as we danced.

Breathing hard, I grinned at him, enflamed by the music and the man. He smiled down at me, for a moment reminding me of the boy in the clearing, only he was all man now, and I was a child no longer.

Heat stole into my cheeks as I wondered what he’d be like in bed. A thrill of passion seared through me.

Villagers clapped to the beat, urging us on.

“Faster?” Donovan asked.

“Don’t ask me, just do it,” I told him.

His grin widened and we danced faster still. I ignored the stitch in my side and hoped my breath wasn’t too ragged. He barely seemed winded.

“Dragons have more stamina than witches will admit,” he whispered in my ear. “Say the word and I’ll slow us down.”

“Never,” I vowed, tossing my head even though I couldn’t breathe anymore.

He chuckled, sending a warm rush through my already overheated body. His breath in my ear ignited desire. Would he miss a step if I kissed him?

I lifted my face, intending to find out, only to stagger sideways when someone’s shoulder slammed roughly into mine.

Taken by surprise, Donovan lost his balance as he tried to keep me upright, and we both tumbled to the ground. Dancing boots and shoes whirled around us. At some point in the dance, the villagers, witches, and dragons had joined us. Someone stepped on my hand, hard, and I cried out despite myself.

I looked up to see Val’s lovely face as she danced with Rabb. The both of them grinned savagely down at me, and one of them kicked me in the ribs.

“Get up!” Donovan scrambled to his feet, hauling me with him. His lips peeled back in fury, he dragged me off the dance floor back to the bench beneath the willow tree.

“Are you hurt?” He scanned me up and down assessing my appearance.

“Just my pride,” I admitted, struggling to catch my breath. My entire side ached from the kick, but I didn’t want to admit that to him, angry as he was. The last thing this wedding needed was a fight – especially dragon on dragon. “I didn’t mean to pull you down with me, Donovan.”

“Don’t call me Donovan,” he yelled. “I don’t want any of them hearing you call me by name!”

I yanked my hands from his. “Why? Would it humiliate you that much?”

“Marley,” he said, his jaw tight. “Let me lead the dance with the dragons. We’ve got to finesse this just right or the gulf between our people will widen, not narrow.”

“Oh, why do you have to make so much sense?” I cried, bitterness coloring my tone. “I hate that you make so much sense.”

“I hate that you can’t call me by my name. I gave it you, and by rights, you should be able to use it in front of the whole world.” Donovan cupped my face with both his hands, and stared at me with such intensity everything faded away but him. “Please, little witch, only call me by name when we’re alone. Can you do that for me?”

At that moment, my heart beating so hard it ached, I could have walked through fire for him. Unable to speak, I nodded.

Swearing under his breath, Donovan abruptly lowered his head so his mouth captured mine. Entranced by the sweet pressure of his lips, I wound my arms around his neck. Roughly, he yanked me closer, deepening the kiss until my already overtaxed heart threatened to burst.

Excerpt 2 - Spicy (please select one and delete the other)

“Go ahead,” he urged. “Say my name as much as you like. No one but me can hear you. I want you call me by my name. Say it again.”

Sucking in my breath, I gathered my courage. “Donovan.”

He closed his eyes, as if savoring the sound.

“Do you think the king would be pissed if he knew how pleased I was at my punishment?” he asked, opening his eyes. They gleamed like dark emeralds in the firelight.

I touched the jewel between my breasts.

“Are you really pleased? You’re not just saying that?”

“When I heard I would be marrying the witch named Marley, my heart sang,” Donovan told me.

“Fate has treated me well. I can only hope you feel the same. And if you don’t,” he lowered his lids, his voice sending sultry shivers down my spine, “I hope I can make you feel the same.”

“Kiss me,” I said, wanting to feel his mouth against mine again. Only this time we were alone, not on display in the village green.

I closed my eyes as he moved close to me and pressed his lips to mine. He groaned when I opened my mouth, allowing him deepen the kiss.

“Little witch,” he said, pushing me gently onto my back so he could straddle me. “Oh, little witch. I want to make this night memorable for you.” He slid one hand beneath my skirt and pushed it up so he could run his palm along my quivering thigh.

I kissed him frantically, digging my fingers into his hair. The fire snapped behind the grate, and I gasped as he stroked my pussy.

“I want to taste you,” he whispered against my mouth. “Prove to you that this handsome man is not lazy when it comes to pleasuring his wife.”

I helped him pull up my skirts, exposing me. He settled between my thighs, darting his tongue rapidly in and out of my wet slit.

I couldn’t see him above the white froth of my wedding gown bunched up between us, but I could feel him. He rubbed his stubbly cheeks against my thighs, and I gritted my teeth as he slid two fingers inside me.

“Donovan.” I bucked beneath his mouth and fingers as he coaxed me higher and higher. “Oh, Donovan! I can’t! I can’t stand this!”

He paused for a moment to torture me even more, before returning to his sweet work.

I cried out as I came, writhing beneath his expert touch, wanting more. Wanting him.

He moved up my body, his face appearing above my gown, his eyes glowing in the firelight. At some point he’d removed his clothes, and the hot press of his cock against my wet pussy made us both groan.

“Marley,” he whispered, lowering his mouth to mine as he thrust inside me.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, allowing him deeper access, and clutched at his shoulders as he increased our pace.

“Marley,” he said again, his eyes wide. I slid my hands down his sweat-slicked back and cupped his ass as he slowed his thrusts.

The world hazed over as we moved together in unison, finding the secret pleasure spots of each other’s bodies and committing them to memory.

My orgasm rolled over my body, as I moaned his name over and over. He stiffened against me as he came, his gaze locked to mine as we thrashed out the last of our lust.

“Welcome home, little witch.” Donovan brushed a kiss across my mouth before rolling off me, and settling with a long sigh, on his back.

“Don’t get too cocky, Mr. Dragon,” I said, straddling him so I could stare him in the face. “You’re not done welcoming me home by a long shot.”

A grin spread across his face. “I love a woman who’s bossy in bed. I ever tell you that?”
“Shut up and kiss me,” I ordered.

“I think I’m going to like this marriage thing,” he said, kissing me back.

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author, Amy Lee Burgess, is a transplanted New Englander living in Raleigh, North Carolina with two dogs and lots of DVDs. Amy has long been a fan and writer of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Wolf shifters, vampires, dragons, gargoyles, and other assorted creatures can be found living between the pages of her books and within her heart.

Connect with Amy:


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Saturday, 27 May 2017

SALE! SALE! SALE! Grab yourself 11 #WiccanHaus stories for just #99c each this weekend!

Welcome to the Wiccan Haus.

A place for healing body, mind and spirit. The Rowan siblings and their staff will do all they can to aide their guests, both human and paranormal.

This mysterious island off the coast of Maine might be just what you need to heal your heart and soul.

The ferry is waiting, a visit to the Wiccan Haus will change your life forever.

Wiccan Haus is a shared world full of beautiful, sensual standalone stories. As a special weekend treat for our readers, each author in the series is offering the first of their books for just 99 cents!

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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

#NewRelease OUTFOXED by Melissa Snark #ZodiacShifters #Gemini #PNR

Zodiac Shifters

A collection of books with an astrological spin on love. From Aries to Virgo… discover all-new tales of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

Zodiac Shifters features New York Times, USA Today, and other bestselling authors. Each month expect new releases based upon the twelve astrology signs.

Gemini - Curious, Affectionate, Mercurial

Outfoxed by Melissa Snark

Music is his magic.

Silver is a coyote-shifter with criminal tendencies and a golden voice. As the lead singer and guitarist for an indie rock band, he is devoted to his craft, however his disreputable past is about to catch up with him. He owes a god a debt, and gods always collect.

She’s a real fox.

When Hannah Kelly’s despicable ex-lover takes her grandmother hostage, she must turn her expertise as a security professional to burglary. With her twin sister’s help, Hannah sets out to steal a priceless Norse artifact from a notorious Russian oligarch.

Two thieves. One prize. A chase so wild, the pursuer becomes the pursued.

Release date: May 23rd 2017

KOBO      iBooks       B&N/Nook     Google


"Why are these staves empty?" She stroked a fingertip over the five parallel lines over his abs. Smooth skin... ripped muscles. She slithered off his lap, knelt on the floor before him, and rested her arms on his thighs. She leaned, hyperaware of the swollen hump in the crotch of his pants, just inches below her chin, and dipped the tip of her tongue into his navel.

He hissed and managed a ragged answer. "I'm still alive. The song isn't complete yet. The bare staff over my heart is reserved for my mate... when I find her."

Hannah hesitated and pulled back a notch. She wondered why his response hit her like high-speed impact with a wall. The thought of his hypothetical mate provoked her to jealousy and anger... and she didn't like that at all.

"That's such a perfect answer. It has to be a line."

Silver sat with his head bowed, his long hair obscuring his face, the only discernable motion his breathing. "I don't need cheesy lines to score."

No, he wouldn't need them, would he? Unexpected envy stabbed at her for the faceless, nameless women who'd come before her. So stupid when all she sought from him was a quickie. There was no reason at all for the stabbing resentment she harbored for every paramour who'd come before her. Jealously was an irrational bitch. Hannah wanted to tease him until he went mad with sexual frustration, obliterating any thought of past lovers from his mind.

Driven by the urgency of her own need, she reached for his fly. She latched onto either side and yanked hard, forcefully separating the row of buttons. The violent action provoked a growl from Silver, a primal warning that emanated deep in his chest. It sent shivers through her already overwrought body. She wasn't such a fool to believe that his willingness to submit to her connoted weakness. It was a sign of strength, a display of his innate security.

Silver wore snug black boxers which were promisingly tented in front. Hannah hooked both his pants and underwear with her fingers. Obligingly, he lifted his hips while she tugged both garments to mid-thigh, freeing his erection which jutted forth from the dark curls at the base.

She sank to her haunches and took a moment to appraise him. Unsurprisingly, she supposed, his uncut penis was every bit as pretty as the rest of him. He had good length and solid girth, although the end was a hammerhead, thicker than the rest of his shaft. She anticipated that going in, he'd cleave a pussy through. She creamed just thinking about it, a gush of heat and wetness between her thighs.

His cock seemed to stretch toward her like an offered hand. "Hello," said Mr. Dick, "I'm eager to make your acquaintance."

A spontaneous giggle escaped Hannah. She sank to her knees and bent her head so the loose strands of her hair teased his skin. She puckered her lips and blew a warm gust of breath over his cockhead. In response, his member twitched. His male scent was rich and earthy, a wild woodland that summoned her home.

"Having a woman laugh at the first sight of your dick is unnerving as all fuck," Silver said in a hoarse voice. Restless, he stirred and lifted one of his legs just enough to brush the underside of her chin in a not-so-subtle hint.

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