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Monday, 21 September 2015

Write this picture Sept 2015 - Crossroads

A wonderful author and friend of mine, Kayleigh Malcolm created a fun writing challenge last month called "Write this picture". A fairly simple premise, an image will be posted and anyone wishing to participate has to write a scene about anything that the picture inspired. The hard bit - you only get 250 words.

I skipped last month because we were just a little preoccupied with the relocation to Belgium but no excuses this time so here is my September effort. I will post links to other writers who participate as I get them so I'll update this post over the next week.

It’s in you, my dear. The spark, the secret, the truth. Your mother couldn't face it but I hope you will come to embrace your destiny….

Amelia’s hand convulsed, scrunching the letter from her grandmother between stiff fingers as she stared at the intricately carved wooden box. The executor had handed it to her that morning, together with an envelope.

The loss of the two most important women in her life lay heavy on her heart as she lit a vanilla candle in remembrance to them. The sweet scent curled through the air, the familiar fragrance a source of comfort; of focus.

Drawing a deep breath, she flipped the lid and carefully placed the contents of the box on the table. A pack of cards, a collection of crystals and rune stones. The final object was wrapped in a silken cloth. Handling it carefully, her actions somewhere between a child cherishing their last Christmas present and a soldier handling unexploded ordinance, she drew back the material and revealed the crystal ball.

Her grandmother’s most treasured possession.

The weight of it surprised her as did the way the smooth glass warmed in her hand. Holding it up to the light, she smiled at the altered perspective it gave as she twisted her wrist this way and that.

The surface rippled, darkened, as a cloud of grey smoke turned the clear ball opaque. The spark, the secret... soft words whispered in her ear.

To look or not to look. Time to choose.

Links to other writers

'Nathan Burgoine

So, tell me what you think. What does the picture inspire in you? The wonderful thing about this exercise is that the image will speak to each writer in a totally different way. That's what makes us unique; and special.

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