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Sunday, 16 October 2016

One Week To Go ~ Shifters and Spice - Twenty Brand New Shifter Tales from your favourite authors only #99cents

If you dream of shifters, this set of 20 brand new shifter stories featuring USA Today and New York Times best-selling authors has you covered. Whether you like them large and in charge or sleek and sexy, you'll find the right story to spice up your night in these pages.





Masquerade by A.J. Bennett  

Sweet, gorgeous Sara is a neglected housewife married to a hot NFL quarterback known for his philandering ways. On the night she decides to play the field herself, she discovers the shocking, supernatural secret behind why her husband disappears at night—and it has nothing to do with other women.

Contracted by Becca Vincenza  

With a price on Mazy’s head, the last thing she should be thinking about is the sexy Cajun shifter with a voice that could melt butter.  He’s a known player, ruthless mercenary ... and her mate. By saving her head, she’ll likely lose her heart.

Frenzied by Blaire Edens  

Shark-shifter Tiburon Diaz has gone from predator to savior. After saving Eva Buxton’s life, he’s drowning in her. Eva, a high school biology teacher, finally has the bedroom partner she’s always wanted. But when research scientists threaten their future together, the two of them will have to decide if one scorching hot week together is enough to decide forever.  

Taming the Puma by Carolyn Spear  

A lone hunter needs no partner...
DEA Agent Rico Ibarra hunts those who peddle poison to the young and weak. He also works on his own, his puma form making him the perfect tracker. The last thing he needs is a partner to get in his way.

A wounded woman stands on her own...
Max Anderson starts a new chapter by joining the DEA. Viewed as a traitor by her former unit for turning in her former abusive lover, a dirty cop, she won't bow to any man again. Least of all her new chauvinist training agent.

This hunter may have met his match ... and his mate.  

Lion's Pretend Girlfriend by Dara Fraser  

Crina needs a place to stay. Mateo needs someone to pretend to be his girlfriend for the weekend. Could their weekend of pretend turn into something more?

Shadow of the Wolf by Desiree Holt  

Jordan West was running from a desperate situation. More than anything she needed to disappear.

Stone McKenzie was dealing with a bad case of PTSD. He wanted a place where no one would find him and no one would bother him. What were the chances they’d both end up in this remote area of the North Maine Woods where solitude was their best protection? And that both would be shifters, in a place where wolves had not been seen for generations?

The lightning bolt of attraction struck them in both human and shifter form, a sign that despite what they were both running from, they were destined to be together. But not before they each faced their demons—for Stone it meant the nightmares of the past and for Jordan escape from the insane leader of her pack. Could Stone save her as she saved him?

Bearing the Hunger by Dominique Eastwick  

If Grant had his way, humans and their stupidity would be banned from Yellowstone, leaving the shifters who knew the land to live and take care of it. Until he meets human geologist Morgan Jenkins, who is only working in Yellowstone until winter comes. Suddenly, the one shifter in the park who most wanted all humans gone finds he wants one human to stay forever.

I Found My Rhino by Erin Hayes  

I’m extending an offer to a guy who I slept with the night before. Not that he wasn’t bad—no, he was wonderful. I was just stupid enough to sleep with the grandson of the very rhino shifter I was looking for. And now we may work together.

The Mismatchmaker: Ruby by Ever Coming  

Certain she has no true mate, Ruby signed up for the hottest matchmaking service in town. Little did she know that it was no ordinary matchmaking service and that a smexy shifter was in her future.

Blood Sport by H.D. Gordon  

The Pit is a way of life for some wolves. Shift, fight, survive. Win one hundred fights, and freedom is yours. Just because no one has ever done it, doesn't mean it can't be done.

Accidentally Mated by Hazel Moore  After four continents and six years, Dare’s tired of looking for his mate. The last place he expects to find him is back home.

Features an M/M pairing.  

An Evening in the Superstitions by Kate Richards  

Delia clutched the phone. The male voice could be any of her ex’s creepy friends, the tone of glee reminding her how little sympathy she’d found in her new country.  “When?” she forced out through her tight throat.

“When are they letting him out?”

Wolf Protector by Lila Felix  

A mother can bear almost anything to make sure that her children are safe—especially a shifter mother.

After witnessing a murder and being stalked, Lilith takes her son Elijah and runs to the last place on earth she wants to go, but the only place she knows will protect them. Distance. The home she'd been banished from as a teen. Somethings haven't changed. Some have.

Like Casten, her brother's best friend, now her probationary minder. And maybe more. Casten knows he is Lilith's true mate, but he doesn't want to force her into the realization, even though he's known for years. He just needs time and space to convince her, if the pack and danger would just back off for a minute.

Encounter on a Mountain by Lisbeth Frost  

2 Shifters, 15 Days, 1 Goal: Survive

On this episode of Shifter Survival, we drop our contestants onto a snowy mountain top with only the clothes on their backs. There, they will have to survive for 15 days.

Cara is a travel consultant whose only survival experience involves backpacking from town to town. Luckily, this she-wolf should be right at home in the climate.

Sam is a college professor. In his youth he learned how to survive in harsh climates, but a cheetah is going to be pretty unhappy in the snow!

With the full moon on the rise, a fire might not be the only thing heating up this challenge.

After all, this pair can't hope to last 15 days without sharing some body heat, if not more.  Do they have what it takes to conquer Shifter Survival?

The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf: Luna Twins by Louisa Bacio  

Fiercely independent, Zada never thought she needed anyone ... until life proved otherwise. She learns of an identical sister, making her one half of the Luna Twins, and becomes entwined in a prophecy to unite warring packs.

Country playboy shifter Alex lived day-to-day as a Hunter for the Wolfe Pack. On pack business to Savannah with Zada, he gets caught up in a destiny to forever change his world.

As future leader of the New Orleans city pack, Charlie expects life to come easily. He glides by on the prophecy to marry one of the Luna Twins. Why work for what is fated?

But as the trio discovers, the choice isn’t always yours. The uniting of the three must occur for their future to be set.

Features an M/F/M pairing.

Laugh Out Love by Margo Bond Collins  

Track the demons of the night and do whatever it takes to kill them. Whatever you do, don’t fall in love with one.

As the eldest daughter of the Glass family, Shadow has always known that was her destiny.
Then an encounter with one man changes everything. If Jeremiah Diphiri—a hyena shapeshifter and the sexiest man Shadow has ever been with—isn't really a fiend, then everything she believes might be wrong.

The more time Shadow spends with him, the more she's beginning to think that maybe she is the most terrifying thing hiding—and hunting—in the dark.

Wolf Torn by Marissa Farrar  

Ruby Callaghan might be the alpha’s niece, but that doesn’t mean she wants everyone else controlling her life. At twenty years old, she is young and free, though she’s been spending time with fellow pack-mate, Joel Golding. The male shifter has been pressing her for more, but Ruby isn’t sure she’s ready to be mated to anyone.

But her alpha has other ideas. To secure the future of the Dark Ridge wolves, he orders her mating to one of the Golding brothers.

The wrong brother.

At twenty-eight, with his massive build and long, dark hair, Ruby has only ever thought of beta wolf, Holton Golding, as a brute. The thought of being his mate horrifies her, but she loves her pack. Should she agree with her uncle’s plans, or will other events threaten the security of the Dark Ridge wolves?

Bear Faced Lies by Merryn Dexter  

A roaming bear gathers no strings, and that’s just how Tobias Langstreet likes it. A chance meeting with beautiful, lonely Harriet Mills might just change his mind. Can he trust her with his secrets and unwrap the web of lies around her?

Escaping the Lutha by M.J. Haag  

While on the run, Rogan meets a woman even crazier than the one he’s been commanded to marry. And the cute little package with an eye-twitch might just be his key to escaping the Lutha.

Untamed Lord of Thessaly by Rachael Slate  

With one whisper, sultry nymph Ekho can compel anyone to her bidding. Except the wild and unbroken centaur Lord Petraeus, who makes a command of his own—the complete surrender of her body, soul, and heart.

Bear Faced Lies by Merryn Dexter

A roaming bear gathers no strings, and that’s just how Tobias Langstreet likes it. A chance meeting with beautiful, lonely Harriet Mills might just change his mind. Can he trust her with his secrets and unwrap the web of lies around her?

Tobias wrenched the wheel, returning them to the smooth tarmac surface. Harriet forced herself to look away, staring at her own reflection in the dark window beside her, the view beyond swallowed by the still night.

The truck jolted again, and she started around, shocked to see Tobias steering them onto the dusty verge. His hands flexed on the steering wheel a couple of times before he jabbed at the release mechanism of his seat belt. “This is a really bad idea,” he muttered, eyes still fixed on the blank windshield before him.

“What is?” She knew what he meant though. Even before he lunged across the cab to grab her in a fierce embrace that stole her breath. She knew, she might even agree with him, but it didn’t stop her opening her mouth to the demanding press of his tongue.

He swept inside her lips, sucking and feasting on her mouth, stealing her breath until she saw stars. She didn’t push him back though. The banked arousal simmering in her belly roared to life, and she threw her arms around his neck, pulling him closer, needing to feel the heavy weight of his body against hers. He cursed, fumbled at her side to release the belt constricting her, then lifted her up, dragging her across his lap as though she weighed nothing.

Harriet squirmed, tried to get closer to where she wanted to be, to get the thick length of him notched into the ache between her legs, but the tight skirt of her dress stopped her. “I hate this damn dress,” she snarled against his lips, and he laughed through their kiss. The pleasant rumble of his chest rubbed her nipples through their clothing and she gasped.

“I’m a big fan of your dress, sweetheart, but it does have some drawbacks.” Tobias grabbed the bottom hem and rent the fabric in two, splitting the seam to her waist.

Free at last, she scrambled into his lap, knocking her head on the roof of the truck in the process. “Damn!” The smile fell from his lips and he held her still. She could read the concern in his eyes and was having none of it. “I swear, Tobias. If you tell me not here, not now, I’m going to scream.”

A strange light glowed in his eyes, a flash of the eerie brightness she’d glimpsed earlier. It sent her heart pounding, part fear, part arousal at the hunger burning there. 

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