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Thursday, 24 November 2016

#NewRelease - SPANK OR TREAT 2016 ~ 12 sexy shorts to keep you warm at night! #99cents

It's that time of year again! I am delighted to announce that following our blog hop last month, we have now published 

Spank or Treat 2016: A Collection of Paranormal Spanking Romance Stories (Seasonal Spankings Book 5)

Available for only 99 cents!

Spank or Treat returns with a brand-new collection of stories from twelve authors! 

All Hallow’s Eve or Bust by Louisa Bacio Finding the right color for the Halloween ball isn't a passing fancy for the Princess & the Pea when it comes to her beloved Sleeping Beauty. The colors and relationship go a little mismatched until Briar Rose takes matters into her own hands. 

One Night To Fly by Regina Cole Ginger never expected that the blind date she hadn't asked for would be the revelation of a lifetime. Baird's more than he seems, and their midnight flight is the start of an unexpected journey that will lead her to both passion and discovery. 

Trick or Spank by Ever Coming When Valerie finally agreed to go on a date with her sexy boss, Joshua, she was expecting many things … a mate was not one of them. 

A Handful of Ashes by Merryn Dexter The Pack Princess and The Hammer. A bloody brutal past might be too much to overcome for Quinn and Nikolas. Can they find happiness, or is there a missing piece to their puzzle? 

If These Walls Could Speak by A.M. Leibowitz Pam's body doesn't feel like home to her anymore, and she wonders if it ever will again. After turning to a friend for advice, she discovers her wife, Zayne, has a surprise for her. With a little encouragement and a lot of love, Pam is beginning to heal. 

In Death’s Shadow by Siobhan Muir All Princess Maia has to do to get her life back is find the dryads’ Key with the help of Master Assassin Quinn Tarlen, if he doesn’t kill her first. But nothing’s ever simple when magic is involved and death isn’t the worst outcome if they fail. 

Punishing the Panther by Tara Quan A scion of two Capital Hill political dynasties, water mage Aaron Masterson already faces overwhelming media attention. When a photo of his naked butt shows up on a gossip blog, he is forced to confront the panther shifter stalking him around town. 

How to Spank a Princess by Kate Richards A princess should at all times be gracious and ready to face the public but one raised in a cave might have a touch of nerves. It takes a hare...Harvey the Antelope Hare to help her get over her nerves in a very special way. 

A Kiss by Moonlight by Olivia Starke Morgan invests in an old plantation in hopes of getting a fresh start. She scoffs at rumors the place is haunted until she meets the home’s naughty ghost. Virginia is a playful belle who loves spanking her new housemate with a hairbrush. The last thing Morgan wants is a relationship—especially with a flirtatious ghost. Will she throw caution to the wind and give it a shot? 

All That Glitters by Loralynne Summers Tylanus has had his eyes on Merry for quite some time, but Merry has given up hope on ever finding someone to accept her for who she truly is. Convincing her of his feelings will require an unusual approach for this Wizard to break down the walls his Princess hides behind. 

Terris by Anastasia Vitsky Named for the star of the East, Terris longs for the educated, genteel life her father promised. Instead, she finds herself as the second wife of Jakal, a despised Northerner. Then, fate brings her a new sister wife. What will happen next?

Genesis by Barbara Winkes As if a romance between a vampire and a witch isn't complicated enough...Daphne and Madina don't know it yet, but they're going to be at the center of a revolution.

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